Moderate Sedation

moderate sedation

Moderate sedation has become a safe and viable alternative to patients who cannot overcome the fears they have of dental procedures. Although not every patient chooses this option, Northwest Dental Services staff is extensively trained in moderate sedation.

And, by administering a carefully monitored dose of medication, can offer the patient a less stressful experience. Moderate sedation has been referred to as "comfort dentistry" and "relaxation dentistry" because they describe how patients feel afterwards:

  • Free of fear
  • Relaxed
  • Without memory of the dental procedure

Northwest Dental Services is dedicated to providing an environment that is friendly, safe, and stress-free. Our welcoming environment helps many patients choose not to use moderate sedation. For those who are fearful of dental procedures, moderate sedation might be appealing.

Talk with the dentists at Northwest Dental Services about this safe and viable alternative.