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Northwest Dental Services and Denture Implant Center has been helping dental patients in the Tacoma, WA region with their dental implant needs for over 50 years.  Though technologies and dental practices have changed, we at Northwest Dental maintain our primary focus of helping our patients replace their missing teeth.

There are many reasons why dental patients decide to seek out more information about implant dentistry.  At Northwest Dental, our dental implant patients seek out tooth implants to change their life in positive ways.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed into the patient’s jaw bone to hold an artificial tooth implant or a bridge securely in place.

Tooth implants can also help provide a stronger hold to help chew the tougher foods.  Some implant patients also notice that it becomes easier to chew all foods, not just the tough ones.

Dental implants are available for those dental patients that need them at Northwest Dental located in Tacoma, Wa.

Reasons why Dental Patients choose Dental Implants


•    To regain a full set of teeth so that a patient wants to smile again
•    Implants can help decrease the chance of jaw bone loss
•    To be able to eat tougher foods like thick steak or crunchy apples
•    Patients become less self-conscious after receiving tooth implants
•    A patient’s medical insurance will help cover the cost

For dental patients living in the Tacoma area, patients are encouraged to schedule a free dental implant consultation with a dentist at Northwest Dental.  Each implant dentistry consultation takes about twenty to thirty minutes with one of our dentists.

We value our patients and their time.  We try our best to make sure that our patients are comfortable and experience as little stress during their appointments as possible.

Implant dentistry can be combined with sedation dentistry to make the experience as stress free as possible.  Sedation dentistry allows a patient to not remember the procedure, thus reducing their fear of dental work.

Dental implant costs vary per patient and that patient’s dental needs.  We offer different options for payment.  We accept cash, credit cards, and most major insurances.  We will even submit the insurance paperwork for you if you would like us to do so.  Please ask about how these payment options can work for you and your family.

Five More Reasons why a Dental Patient chooses Dental Implants


•    Family photos are easier to be in with a big smile due to tooth implants
•    Decrease of fear of ridicule by others or gone altogether
•    Eating can become easier with sturdy implants to aid in chewing
•    A friend or family member got implants and loves the changes in their life
•    Recognized as a good treatment for replacing missing teeth

If you live in Tacoma, we invite you to check out Northwest Dental to learn more about how dental implants and implant dentistry can work for you and your family.

Implant dentistry may sound scary and intimidating and our staff understands.  We do our best to make the experience a positive one.

Contact us today and schedule your free dental implant consultation at Northwest Dental.