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Northwest Dental Services and Denture Implant Center was incorporated in the year 1961, and since then it has been serving the community of North Tacoma, WA with professional and cost-effective denture services. We continue being the leading practice which offers high-quality denture implants and false teeth to the patients of North Tacoma, WA.

We have a team of licensed and professional dentists who help you regain your smile. We help North Tacoma patients live a normal life by replacing your missing teeth. We know that owning a natural set of teeth is very enticing, so we offer preventive dentistry services. We aim in helping you regain your dental health and have a much positive outlook in your life. 


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Dental implants and false teeth can actually change your life. New dental implants facilitate you to chew easily, smile big, and regain your self esteem and confidence, which you lost due to the embarrassment you felt with your missing teeth.

If you have missed eating crunchy apples and thick steaks then new implants or false teeth will now make these foods easy to chew once again. Northwest Dental Services offers the following denture and dental services which include:

  • Restorative dentistry –false teeth, crowns, dental bridge, root canal and composite filings
  • Preventive dentistry –gingivitis, oral health maintenance and cleaning of natural teeth
  • Cosmetic dentistry –dental implants, veneers, natural or tooth colored filling and tooth whitening
  • Dentures – complete, partial temporary and permanent dentures,and denture repair

Sedation services, emergency dentures and denture and false teeth education

Why should North Tacoma residents choose Northwest Dental Services for dentures or false teeth?


Dental implants at times can be very painful and scary. Hence we offer North Tacoma patients a complimentary consultation with one of our licensed dentists. We properly address your concern, listen to you patiently, answer your questions, and then recommend a treatment plan which suits you best.

Some of our special features for North Tacoma patients include:

  • Gentle implant techniques for all kinds of tooth and dental implant
  • Our staff is knowledgeable and understanding
  • Recognize your concerns and fears and suggest a proper treatment plan for you
  • Sedation dentistry if required
  • Advanced techniques and procedures
  • Same day dental and false teeth services
  • Parking lot and office are completely handicap accessible

We have an onsite laboratory which facilitates same day complete and partial denture and false teeth services. North Tacoma residents should contact Northwest Dental Services today and get your dental consultation scheduled. Call us at 888-538-1981